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Altu Baba and Phaltu Rani

Spare The Air And Go Green!

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Masala Pick - Here’s the brand new video from Deepika and Arjun Kapoor starrer Finding Fanny. Watch it, share it and keep Shaking Your Bootiyas!

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CERN set to look beyond God Particle as LHC reopens
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Radio De Hotties: PAM PAM Show - The Hot and Honking Drivetime show with Altu and Phaltu
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[email protected] to win a gift
[email protected] to give out gifts (the gift of great radio programming of radio dehotties to the entire bay area) :)))
What is your show about?
Life - Love, Laughter, Learning, Education, Excitement, Enthusiasm and Entertainment! The pioneers of superior entertainment shows, Mahima Creations, produces this action packed DE-Stress Show that puts a smile on every one listening to the show and leaves them looking forward to the next show with utmost excitement. Nothing about this show is "run of the mill" or "ordinary" - everything starting from the opening, the greeting (Pam Pam - sounding the desi horn), to the hot and honking traffic and weather update, to the Market Minute, the Business News Headlines to the "Dial An Expert" segments every day of the week featuring Qualified, Certified and Leading Professionals in each area that appear on our show - every aspect of the show is carefully planned and executed with just the right dash of entertainment and fun. It is hence that we coined a term to describe our shows which is trademarked to Mahima Creations' programming - "Funformation"al shows.
What is your favorite part of having your own radio show?
The fact that so many hundreds of thousands of bandhus (listeners) come together to listen to our shows, bring us into their lives day after day, send us such wonderful words of encouragement, and even express their love for the show on air as well.

It also is absolutely wonderful that we are able to speak our hearts out, into, and out of any given situation or issue at hand on the show.
What is your favorite band or singer?
Wrong question to ask Music Lovers - we love any form of music with a good lilt, beat, melody, rhythm, and soul. From Mozart to the Black Eyed Peas, from Nat King Cole to Mohammed Rafi, from Michael Jackson to Deep Purple, From Kishore Kumar to KL Sehgal - music knows no bounds and neither does our love for it
What is your favorite restaurant in the Bay Area?
Ohhh... this is a toughie... hmmm... lets see... theres 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13,....... (oh... we lost count ... there are soooooooooooooo many different things we like at so many different places.... this question needs a blog of its own!)
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[email protected]
(408) 660 6753 / (408) 832 8881
Dehottie Video Delight

Dial An Expert!


4:40pm - Remodeling, Real Estate and More with Ayesha Sikandar of MA Dimensions

5:45pm - Dial An Expert: CPA On Air - Raman Rangarajan


4:40pm - Beauty Talk with Sheetal of Apsara Skincare

5:45pm (Alternate Week) - All About Your Health with Dr. Ron Sinha of Palo Alto Medical Foundation/Riding the BIG DATA wave with Info Objects


4:40pm - Tax Talk with Sanjiv Gupta CPA

5:45pm - Mortgage Matters with Shashank Shekhar

6pm - Excel at the SAT with Excel Test Prep


4:40pm - Sanjay Taxpro/Mortgage Matters with Shashank Shekhar

5:45pm - All About Your Money with Independent CFP Laddi Jhuty


4:40pm - Ravi's Tax Services

6pm (Alternate Week) - Immigrant Corner with Attorney Madhuri Nemali of the Cameo Law Group