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Dr.Brindha Subramanian
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Tooth Doc For Kids
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Dr.Brindha is a Harvard trained pediatric dental specialist. She has been a sought after pediatric dental expert in the South Bay. She has been serving as a chief pediatric dentist at the dental practices set up by the Santa Clara Health Trust for children with limited access to dental care. She has been instrumental in providing comprehensive dental care to many young children in the Bay Area and is regarded as one of the very few experts in providing dental care under conscious sedation to young children. Articles about Dr.Brindha have been presented in the San Jose Mercury News.

This is an exclusive segment dedicated for dental health of children.
As we all know children are not just small adults. Their dental and behavioral needs are very unique. This show focuses mainly on addressing the dental concerns commonly seen in children and providing simple preventive measures for maintaining good pediatric dental health, which can then develop into healthy smiles. This show will also help parents and children understand the timing and the importance of the first dental visit and what to expect during this visit.

As an expert in the field, this show can also answer any specific questions you may have about your child’s health.
We specialize only in young children, so we can provide in depth information on what is present, what can be expected during the next growing years and how to care for their oral health during the next formative years.
We are a very prevention oriented practice that kids enjoy visiting, because we are not only a very kid friendly office but also have a great team who only specialize in dealing with young children. Most important of all we make dentistry a lot of fun and the kids enjoy visiting us!!
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