Shrinkhala Lamichhaney and Ayush Sharma

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Shrinkhala Lamichhaney and Ayush Sharma
Show Name
Our Patio (Hamro Chautari)
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What is your show about?
‘Our Patio’ is an informative, creative and communicative show, which is divided into two parts. The first part is an informative part, which covers specific social agendas and introduces a project working on social issues from different non-profit in Bay Area and also in South Asia. The second segment is a creative and communicative part where new local/international artists from different ethnic group of South Asia are interviewed and various related art events and shows are also discussed. In between all these fun and talks, we shall play the best Nepalese as well as other South Asian music.

Experience Art, a platform for art, artist and audience to come together, presents Our Patio. The show is a connector to weave the future of Experience Art. The platform will be responsible in hosting multiple local events to promote art and culture of various ethic communities specially focusing on South Asian Communities.