Intelligent, Hardworking, Family-oriented, Caring and Compassionate ---- That's what makes us DESI ... 

It's not just about us .. it's about ALL of us .. its about our community and at DESI 1170 AM - we manifest that very value of Compassion, Helping one another and the greater community across the world.  We believe in "Giving Back" - and fostering the spirit of Giving.  
We encourage you to identify a cause that resonates with your spirit and "give-back" in any way possible, time, cash or kind to the organization that is championing the cause.  We have identified some wonderful organizations who are championing the cause of SEVA - Service to the underprivileged communities in India, Bay Area and across the world.  
There is a whole lot of hurt out there in the world which definitely needs healing.. and to that helping spirit in you, DESI 1170 AM is appealing.. 
If you are a non-profit organization, or know of an organization or individual who is "giving back" espousing the Desi spirit of Magnanimity, then please contact us or refer them to us, by emailing us through the contact us page on this site.  There are several ways DESI 1170 AM can help your voice be heard - email us to find out more. 

Click here for information on the Desi 1170 AM Scholarship Award for Bay Area students!