Everyone has that one special song that will forever be a personal favorite. But do you have 2 personal favorites? 5? How about 10?

Desi 1170 AM wants to hear from you and let you be the RJ who selects the music! While most stations might play that one request for you, Desi 1170 AM is willing to play your personal Top 10 Favorite Songs!

Just fill out the form below with your name, email and your favorite 10 songs! Desi 1170 AM will get to work on compiling your Top 10 for airplay. And as a bonus, see if you can include for your favorite film dialogue and we will try to track that down as well to play in your list!

Winning lists will not only receive airplay, the winning name will be announced and win a prize from one of our sponsors!

Keep listening to hear if your Top 10 is chosen!

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